About America House - Ramat Gan

Address: 13 Tuval Street, Ramat Gan

An Exclusive Office Building in the Heart of the Diamond Exchange - the Largest and Vibrant Business Area in Israel.

The perfect location of America House, in the heart of the Diamond Exchange, ensures easy and convenient access to and from any location: the Ayalon Freeway, the Center of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, the Railway Station and more.

The building was meticulously designed, taking into consideration modern style and planning, in order to comply with its tenants’ needs. The building includes a Concierge Front Desk and lavatories for each separate unit, without compromising the spatial requirements of each individual tenant. The advanced security features include a fire extinguisher system and protected stairwell.

The building consists of nine stories for offices and a four story underground garage. For the tenants’ benefit a computerized, advanced elevator system has been installed. Each floor is between 700-800 square meters and can be divided up into up to four separate units, where the minimum unit size is around 120 square meters. The building’s design enables flexible and easy division, according to the tenant’s needs.

Partial list of the building’s tenants: Ramat Gan’s Mayor’s Office, the Diamond Exchange Management, Ambassador Israel Real Estate, MarketWatch, Pagoda, Rent-A-Phone, Traiana, Eyron, Mimsar Shifrin, Tachlit and others

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