About Studio C

 Leader in Women’s Fitness

Studio C was established in 1991 and today consists of 35 clubs, nationwide. The Studio specializes in slimming and shaping, fitness and nutritional programs developed specifically for women.

Studio C’s clients benefit from a highly professional team who provide a wide range of activities tailored to suit the diverse needs of every woman. A partial list of courses includes: Slimming and Shaping, Balance, Yoga, Classes for Expected Mothers, Women after Childbirth, Childbirth Preparation Course, Treadmill, Diet C (the first diet especially designed for Women in ), Proper Dieting for Young Women and Girls and Focused Training.
America Israel holds a majority interest in Studio C, other partners include Kishuvim, a member of Meyer Cars and Trucks group.
Studio C has more then 25,000 subscribers and about 700 stuff.

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